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"" serves as both the name of this website and this particular win32 distribution of FreeRADIUS.

This website is a resource for users, developers and testers looking for a FreeRADIUS implementation that runs on Microsoft Windows XP. The official website for FreeRADIUS is; without the tremendous work of the folks at this offering would not be possible... THANKS!

This site is host to a freely downloadable Win32 version of FreeRADIUS including a basic installer. Please check in often... for updates and latest releases of FreeRADIUS.

In short, this distribution was simply compiled using Cygwin and Source Code. Any questions and all feedback is welcome! Please email:

DISCLAIMER: binaries are distributed freely. Some of the software included with binaries may not be GPL/GNU but can be distributed freely. The developers of express no warranty of any kind. Creators of are not responsible or liable for any damages, criminal activity, misuse, or misrepresentations of USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!